Connecticut Cake Competition Event

See You in February 2015


        Since the winter of 2008, the Connecticut Cake Competition and Live Challenge has continued to grow, offering learning opportunities and the excitement of the sugar arts to decorators of all ages. 


             In addition, the general public is invited to join us in our world of the sugar arts.  That is why it is very important that we offer the very best event that we possibly can. 


             This next year holds many business and family responsibilities for us both, along with our duties within the International Cake Exploration Societé (ICES).  Taking all of this into consideration, the Connecticut Cake Competition will be taking a one year sabbatical. 


             During that time we will work towards an even more exciting event in 2015.   We will continue to schedule our many talented instructors from across the country, as well as the many vendors that help us to achieve our talents. 


             If you have any special requests for teachers, techniques or demonstrations, feel free to contact us with your ideas. 


             Our show information (Rules & Regulations—Divisions/Categories)  will remain on this website, as well as sugar art events that may spark your interest,


             We look forward to chatting with you during the next year, and will keep you posted next fall when our 2015 Connecticut Cake Competition & Live Challenge details will be available. 


                                                                 Our Best to You in the Sugar Arts,

                                                                 Beth Lee Spinner & Kathy Farner






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