Connecticut Cake Competition & Live Challenge


Since the start of our first event in the winter of 2008, and with the help of family and friends, and many volunteers, we have been the primary sponsors of six Connecticut Cake Competitions & Challenges.


As we have been working to finalize a new location for 2015, a combination of new job opportunities and lifestyle changes has brought us to an entirely different and very unexpected decision.


Therefore after much consideration, and with mixed emotions, we are announcing our retirement as Event Directors of the Connecticut Cake Competition and Challenge and the show sponsorship we have loved for so many years.



But we do not wish to see this sugar arts event end.

Even though we can no longer participate, we would

love to see the CT Cake Competition & Challenge continue

for all to enjoy.


And that is why we have a ...




If you would be interested in sponsoring this event, or to join forces with other individuals or groups to continue education in the sugar arts, you may request a Cake Show Bid Proposal packet through the email links below.


A complete listing of the Show Inventory, as well as event document titles and registration information descriptions will be available mid-November. (Entrant contact information will be limited to email addresses only, and available upon show purchase.)


Our Very Best to You in the Sugar Arts,

Beth Lee Spinner & Kathy Farner






Kathy Farner

Event Director



Beth Lee Spinner

Event Director



For questions and information, contact us at these email links.




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